Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Training for the Himalayas

After winning an all expenses trip to the Himalayas from Marmot and the dZi Founation now its time to start the training.

I am heading for the Himalayas in May for a month. I will fly in at 11,000ft and trekking to 16,500ft with around 2,000ft of vertical gain on any given day. I already live in the Wasatch mountains in Utah at 5,000ft so figure I already have an head start.

These past two weekends I have started to skin(AT Touring), trying to gain at least 2,000ft vertical feet each time. Then instead of skiing down I snowshoe down with the skis on my back for weight. Each night I also do excises at home that include press ups, sit up, leg pushes and others that I have no clue what you call them, I also have started walking at night to get my heart pumping.

On my diet yeh I have cut out chocolate, and other no goodies. I drink Soymilk with a B12 complex each morning and yeh have started eating Oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch is a sandwich that I make and dinner in light that may include curry, pasta and fresh veggies.

Seems to be working thus far.



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